The production of gears on CNC gear cutting machines is an important part of our manufacturing process.

We manufacture external and internal gears in the module range 0.4 - 6 up to a maximum diameter of 400mm. For this purpose, we have a large variety of gear cutting tools at our disposal. We manufacture straight and helical gears according to DIN 3960, DIN 5480/81/82, sprocket gears up to 1" pitch as well as special profiles according to customer requirements using hobbing and gear hobbing processes.

Necessary hard fine machining of the tooth flanks we realize with an efficient partner company.

Machines & Dimensions Gear Manufacturing

Gear Manufacturing

1x Koepfer 173 B CNC Gear hobbing machine
1x Lorenz LS 180 CNC Gear hobbing machine
1x Pfauter P400 Gear Milling Machine

Dimensions Gear Manufacturing

Inner Diamater max. ∅ 250 mm
Outer Diameter max.∅ 400 mm
Sprocket teeth max. 1“ Pitch
Module : 0,4 – 6

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